architect Gerhard Sohlberg

frame: brick, facade: brick

Martti I. Jaatinen: Sortavalan rakentaminen 1643–1944. Jyväskylä 1997.
Eeva Karttunen, Erkki Kuujo, Jorma Tiainen: Sortavalan kaupungin historia. Jyväskylä 1970.
U. Karttunen: Sortavalan kaupungin historia. Sortavala 1932.

Sortavala (119) 1 (50) 1931 (23) Kivinen (10) 1904 (19) 1903 (31)

Construction was began as a part of the renovation of the Old Town,which had been mostly destroyed by a fire in 1903, and was finished in1904. From 1904 to 1931 the building housed a hardware store calledBrothers Kivinen Ltd. In 1931 the Kivinen hardware store was closed andanother hardware store, called Karjalan Rauta, took its place. Itfunctioned until the end of the Continuation War when Sortavala washanded over to the Soviet Union. Under the Soviets the building wasrenovated in the 1980s and now houses the workshop and gallery of thelate Kronid Gogolev, a renowned local artist. The attic floor also hasan exhibition space for the Sortavala Children's Art School. 1. Karjalanrauta, 1920s. 2. Drawn plan of the building, 1900s.